Wealth Management and Financial Advice for Business Owners
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Business Owners

Wealth Management for Business Owners.

First Generation Business Owners

The issue that most business owners face is the lack of collaboration and coordination between the professionals they work with. Your CPA recommends one thing, your financial advisor another, your insurance broker another. This lack of coordination costs you time, money and the peace of mind you desire.

Robert Bartley grew up in small business (Bartley’s Burger Cottage, Harvard Square Cambridge, MA) and has been a CPA working with small businesses for over twenty years along with fellow team member Joanne Tackes. We know small business and how intertwined your business and personal finances are. They are one in the same. Unfortunately most professionals work in silos and compartmentalize the planning when it should be one plan.

We work closely with your CPA and other professionals to collaborate and coordinate advice into one plan.

If you are not satisfied with your current professional advisors we will assist you in hiring new ones. We can assist in the process of replacing your professionals and negotiating their fees. We know which services each professional should provide and the cost of those services.

Professional Financial Planning Services

  • Consulting—discuss and review of various areas, advise and assist where needed including hiring other professionals/consultants
  • Business Succession Planning—monetizing the value of your business
  • Business Continuity Planning
  • Benefits Planning with professionals on our external team
  • Business Retirement Plan Design and Implementation (Including cost analysis)
  • Profit Sharing, Cross-Tested and Cash Balance pension-type plans
  • Comprehensive Business Tax Planning coordinated with your tax professional
  • Retirement Plan Workshops for Staff
  • Key Person Compensation and Benefits Planning
  • Key Person Personal Financial Planning Services
  • Retirement Plan Investment Advisory Services
  • Whatever is needed for you to succeed and life the life you desire
  • Tax savings is a big part of, or should be a big part, of every business owners plan. It is essential.

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