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Business Owners

We Understand business owners
(We Grew Up IN Family Business)

Ever feel like you ARE the business? We get that.

We know your business IS you, and your business and personal finances can be tightly meshed. Our job is to help you make a comprehensive plan that factors in everything you’re facing, and everything you’re trying to build. 

We made a short video video to explain how that works…

We understand the challenges you face as a business owner.

We’ve faced them too.

Our founder Robert Bartley grew up in a successful family business in Boston. As someone who always loved numbers, he took the lead in trying to find comprehensive financial advice for the business. Sadly, while there were a number of experts in tax planning or investing, nobody had a comprehensive plan that fit what the business needed. That started him on the path of becoming a CPA and CFP and founding Bartley Financial. Instead of separate financial products, he wanted to offer business owners an actual PLAN that makes sense.

We’re here to give the financial advice we were looking for years ago.


Professional Financial Planning Services Include…

  • Consulting

Discussion and review of different areas as we advise and assist where needed (including coordinating with other professionals and consultants)

  • Business Planning

Succession Planning

Continuity Planning

Benefits Planning

Business Retirement Plan Design and Implementation

Profit Sharing, Cross-Tested and Cash Balance pension-type plans

  • Tax

Comprehensive Business Tax Planning (coordinated with your tax professional)

Tax savings (it should be an essential part of every business plan)

  • Other

Retirement Plan Workshops for Staff

Key Person Compensation and Benefits Planning

Key Person Personal Financial Planning Services

Whatever it takes to help you succeed in living the life you intend

Healthcare Professional?


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