A major issue most business owners face is a lack of collaboration and coordination between the professionals they work with. As your business expans, the list grows (CPAs, financial advisers, insurance brokers, etc). Lack of coordination can cost you time, money and the peace of mind.

We work closely with all your professionals to make one complete plan.

We understand how complex and intertwined small business and personal finances can be. Our founder Robert Bartley grew up working the family business (Bartley’s Burger Cottage in Harvard Square, Cambridge MA). We have multiple CPAs with over 20 years small business experience.

We give you the best advise possible by coordinating, collaborating, and even helping you hire new professionals when necessary.

We’re here to help.

Professional Financial Planning Services Include…

  • Consulting

Discussion and review of different areas as we advise and assist where needed (including coordinating with other professionals and consultants)

  • Business Planning

Succession Planning

Continuity Planning

Benefits Planning

Business Retirement Plan Design and Implementation

Profit Sharing, Cross-Tested and Cash Balance pension-type plans

  • Tax

Comprehensive Business Tax Planning (coordinated with your tax professional)

Tax savings (it should be an essential part of every business plan)

  • Other

Retirement Plan Workshops for Staff

Key Person Compensation and Benefits Planning

Key Person Personal Financial Planning Services

Whatever it takes to help you succeed in living the life you intend

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