Our approach starts and ends with not losing.

Our Core Values

Live Out Honesty And Integrity

Have Compassion And Respect

Be Reliable And Accountable

Make A Difference

Work Hard And Do Your Best

(Be The Best You Can Be)

OUR Core Purpose

To listen to our clients and help them crystallize what’s most important to them by defining their vision, their life’s dreams.  We help our clients turn those dreams into reality by guiding them to stay on track towards those goals every step of the way. Live the life you envision!

Our Philosophy oN Investment

Protect principal and take advantage of market opportunities. Our philosophy is that simple. The execution can be complex, but the goal and philosophy is simple.

Investments are the commodity that is used to generate growth of money in order to fund your goals.

The main goal is to allow you to relax and not worry about your money and investments. That’s our job. Your job is to live the life you desire.

We don’t execute a strategy that allows for large losses and then advise you to hold on as the losses continue to mount! We vehemently disagree with this as a sound investment approach, especially when you are within ten to fifteen years of needing the money or reaching your goals. There is ample evidence to prove that this is not a viable strategy to succeed. Please contact us and ask for the investment piece “Why Avoiding Large Market Downturns is Important” which describes the evidence behind Sequence Risk.

We are not hard and fast on any one investment approach/methodology; we will use the proper methodology for the proper time-frame, e.g. Value, Tactical, Momentum, Buy and Hold, etc. Every method has their own pros and cons.

(You can see different investment related articles we have written posted to our blog)

OUr Philosophy ON Planning

First focus on your vision for the life you want to live, and then focus on specific measurable goals. Then you crunch the numbers and put money behind it. That’s the only way to plan. Unfortunately, most people start in reverse, first with money and then try to work backwards.

Planning is a process, not an event. Planning is ongoing, it  evolves over time. You can’t draw up a plan, never change it, and then expect to succeed. The world, markets, economies, and even you change! As you continue to evolve so should your plan evolve.

How your plan is executed is critical. Will you implement what you set out on paper? That’s how we help: we focus on execution of your plan. We help hold you and the professionals on your team accountable to properly execute the plan. We’re fortunate to have very talented professionals at Bartley Financial Advisors. Our best talent is knowing how to execute your plan and helping you do it. Our goal is for you to live the life you dream about. That’s not filler text for this website, you and clients like you are what inspires us to get up in the morning!

Want A financial plan built on solid principles?