By Robert Bartley and The BF Team

As the year draws to a close we tend to reflect on the current year and think about the next.

We are SO thankful for YOU! 

We are grateful for the trust and confidence our clients have put in us. It is truly an honor to work with you. 

As we turn the page to a new year, we look forward to the continued privilege of serving you and helping you achieve your life goals.

From all of us at Bartley Financial, we wish you a joyous holiday season filled with warmth, laughter, and moments of reflection.

I am personally blessed to have such an amazing team at Bartley Financial. That is not a throw-away, virtue signaling line. My teammates are FREAKING AWESOME, incredible, caring people. To get to work with them every day is an honor and a privilege. I get to witness their dedication to you and your goals. Your goals/stories inspire them as they do me. 

We like to share a bit about ourselves each month, one team member at a time. We will continue that next year. 

I am writing this message on behalf of the team. We were going to do individual messages but then felt it may be a bit too long, we respect your time.

When we spoke as a team there was a common theme; we were all thankful for our family. As is the case with most parents, those of us with children feel blessed to have them in our lives. 

So many cool things this year for the Bartley team’s children – 

Joanne’s daughter landed her first post college job after completing bachelor’s and master’s degrees at the prestigious WPI! 

Bianca shared that she feels very fortunate to be surrounded by loving family and friends near and far. She’s grateful to be a part of the dynamic Bartley Financial team, and most importantly so lucky to be the Mom of two amazing young women! 

Lastly, my three children have continued to blossom in life and in their careers. Two of my children have continued with the Bartley tradition in small business and the third is a very successful nurse. They are all focused on helping others, I couldn’t be more proud!

Our newest colleague Phillip provided his reflections below. I feel his reflections highlight the strong collaboration we share at the office as well as his passion, which is contagious.

Joining the Bartley team it felt like I hit a milestone, securing a role where I could actively engage in what I refer to as “real financial planning.” Working alongside Bob, Joanne, and Bianca has been a joy. Beyond the office, celebrating the first year of marriage with my wife, Molly, was a personal highlight. 

Below are a few pics that team members shared.

Thank you for reading!

On behalf of the Bartley Financial Team –  Happy Holidays and continued blessings and success in the New Year!


Joanne’s daughter Katie at her WPI graduation

Bianca and her beautiful daughters Luci and Laney

Part of my family (they live all over the place!)-  Kaitie, Keirra and Hendrix in Adventure Land in California where Kaitie lives. 

Phillip and his wife Molly

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