In this new millennium, we’re in the midst of a debate over what is the most important invention or piece of information gained over the past century. What we will remember are the incredible changes we’ve experienced in all aspects of our existence. Technology, science, communication and travel – to name a few -have created a pace of life we cannot keep up over the long haul. This shouldn’t be the legacy left for the next generation.

This pace has lead to incredible stress. We’re crankier and the belief that we need to get things done has fueled an emotional, physical and spiritual disconnection from our community and ourselves. We’re unable to see, hear, feel and experience the gifts that are delivered to us each day.

These gifts are those little, uplifting things that happen to us. They’re proof that life really is worth living. A gift is the supportive phone call you get when you’re feeling blue. It’s the infectious laughter heard over the din of daily bustle. It’s when you pass a produce stand and all the colors come together in a beautiful palette. It’s that moment in the day when you feel suddenly inspired, and everything that was going wrong begins to go right. It is in these moments that your body, mind and spirit truly feel aligned. And you physically experience the true connection to yourself, regardless of the pace or demands.

If these experiences are infrequent or don’t feel real when they occur, you’re not alone. In this moment, as you’re reading, notice how you are feeling. It’s not important to feel inadequate because you can’t connect with the concept of these ‘postcards from heaven’, or the affirming energy that they bring. Know that our societal, and in many ways global, belief system rein-forces this disconnection by the sheer speed at which we’ve learned to live.

Learning to recognize, connect with and embrace those daily gifts can provide the foundation for beginning to live in a more connected and meaningful way. When a child begins to learn to read, it is a process. They begin by simply observing pictures, noticing words and putting together those words and pictures. Then they begin to identify the words without the pictures and begin reading when the story has meaning for them.

-“The more you praise and celebrate your life,

the more there is in life to celebrate. “-Oprah Winfrey


Shifting Your Perspective

We often have the view that external forces will make us happy, We believe that someone or something will provide the magical solution to our internal craving for connection. To open the door to the gifts, we can shift our personal perspective or attitude and start believing that what occurs in life flows through us, and not apart from us. Let go of the belief that finding the right relationship or buying the right product will end your internal gnawing for connection and happiness. Having a solid relationship or enjoying your possessions can bring great pleasure, but depending on them to define who you are will keep you disconnected from the true gifts. The initial part of the process is about letting go of the belief that the outside world should feed and stimulate you. Begin to trust that there’s a way for you to feel fulfilled (even if you don’t believe it now).

Getting Out of Your Own Way

As you begin this process of creating your personal prayer you may feel some internal blocks arising, whether in thought or physically, It may occur as a sense of anxiety or fear which could be connected to the belief about your right to feel positive. Many believe they’re undeserving, and are unaware they’re holding this idea. Tell yourself you’re deserving of the gifts, the abundance. And in time, by repeating these positive thoughts, you’ll notice lightness and a greater openness to your potential.

Observing Your Thoughts

There is no faster or more effective way to close yourself off to abundance than self-sabotage through negative thinking. In its simplest form, negative thinking is any train of thought that is directed towards yourself with the intent of undermining what you are tying to accomplish. These thoughts can take the form off fleeting ideas or brain chatter which continues throughout the day. We all think negatively about others or ourselves; it’s simple human nature. But frequent negative thinking leaves you feeling out of control. Commit to becoming more gentle to yourself, and know that perfection cannot be attained. Be aware that these thoughts are ghosts from the past, particularly childhood. These thoughts block your intention of allowing daily gifts of abundance into your life.

Getting Your Body Involved

Firstly, notice your breathing. We have learned to breathe in a rapid shallow manner which cuts off the energy flow in your body, and actually gives your body the message that there is something to be anxious about. Secondly, lift your head up, and direct your eyes upward and around you, noticing how your range of vision opens up. Lifting up your head to visually take in the gifts creates a deep, personal knowledge of their impact. Engaging in regular meditative and stretching practices opens up your body in a new way and clears the energy paths to allow abundant energy to flow through.

@Kathy Glover Scott, M.S.W. All Rights Reserved.