I recently experienced a rare treat! Our oldest daughter, Luciana, had to prepare her fourth-grade project for Ellis Island Day. This involved writing a journal describing what it was like for an immigrant to make the lengthy journey to United States, during the early-mid 1900’s. She had to wear appropriate attire and prepare a pillow case stuffed with items that a typical immigrant may have brought with them. They learned about the hardships and sacrifices that many people made, in hopes for a brighter future.

Luciana decided to interview someone who knows first-hand what it was like to make that journey – her grandmother! It made my heart full to watch and listen, as my daughter learned about my mom’s experience traveling here when she was the same age as Luci. What made it even more special was the handmade dress Luci wore during the Ellis Island day presentation – the same exact dress my mom wore when she traveled from Sicily to New York City.