Be Sure To Make Memories

We are living in scary and uncertain times right now and it seems there is little reprieve; smartphone alerts, daily emails from every single store you have ever purchased something from, news and social media outlets, and Whitehouse press conferences are a constant reminder of the Coronavirus pandemic.

There is a silver lining here folks. I keep bumping into the following quote on social media which really resonates with me. I hope you find it as comforting as I do:

“I think that when the dust settles, we will realize how little we need, how very much we actually have, and the true value of human connection” 

– author unknown

However this social distancing thing has affected you, here is your friendly reminder that you have everything you need right at home. Now is the time to hug your loved ones tighter (the ones you live with anyway!) video chat with relatives, bake cookies (go heavy on the chocolate chips!), teach your kiddos something “old school”, take walks, find something to do that your family enjoys doing together. 

Take time away from worrying about the uncertainty of the here and now and make fun memories so that when you look back you get the warm and fuzzies too. For me, this means that I’ve now officially starred in my first TikTok dance video post 🙂 with our oldest daughter, my family has played endless rounds of Jenga and Uno, we’ve connected with so many neighbors (at least six feet apart of course) during our walks around the neighborhood, we video chat with our relatives often and our kids have re-discovered the swingset in our yard!!

What’s Your Silver Lining?

Thank you to the brave men and women on the front lines, we promise to stay home and make memories while you fight this disease, stock our grocery store shelves and deliver our groceries and packages. We appreciate you.

Stay safe and be well.

(This might go without saying, but I’ll say it anyway. If you need help with your business, finances, or anything else during this time, just let us know. We’re here to help.)