You have what it takes to conquer your goals. Have you taken pause lately, away from the daily grind, to think about what changes you want to make in your life today that will bring you more happiness and fulfillment next week, next month, next year? Maybe you have given it some thought and yet you still find yourself in the same position you were in last year, except now you question whether you have what it takes. The goals you had set out to conquer still documented in the discarded notebook or smartphone notes. I’ve been there too. But last year I decided this was the year I was going to change things up and I did. What was different this time around? Focusing on one day at a time, building a track record of consistency, riding the wave of momentum, keeping my mindset in check and asking for help when needed.

You have what it takes…so start slow

Slow down to speed things up. Carve out time in your schedule dedicated to meeting your goals and then don’t allow anything else to get in the way. Work smart, and if you need help, look at how you can leverage others to help you get things accomplished. Maybe home projects or chores don’t get done on time so that you can consistently work on your goal(s) – so be it. Recruiting your loved ones to contribute to the day to day is essential. The more people in your life that are rooting for you the better. Pick up the phone or set a date with a friend if you need a boost, and don’t let a bad day or week derail your plan. For me, I always had more “important” things to get done, which superseded my daily workout routine. This time I promised myself I was not going to let anything else get in the way of my commitment to working out daily to reduce stress and gain mental and physical strength. I found that after I had a few weeks under my belt it became easier and easier to stick with it – I had the momentum and consistency, just the equation I needed to build the habit.

You have what it takes…tell yourself that

It’s all in your head! Feeding your brain with an abundance of positivity is crucial. Our thoughts create our experience. What we tell ourselves daily is directly tied to our emotional state, how we perceive the world around us, the day-to-day decisions we make and how we treat ourselves. Don’t underestimate how powerful the mind is if you continue to tell yourself that you aren’t worthy of a goal or don’t have the time, willpower or energy that it takes to get there – you won’t.

You have what it takes…in community

Find a friend, mentor or coach who will have your back and be a constant reminder that you have what it takes. I’m very lucky, I have mentors to lean on and I always have an audio book or podcast to listen to whenever I need a boost of positivity!

You have what it takes…so stay strong

Build your mental toughness muscle. Inspiration and believing you are capable of whatever you set out to accomplish is an essential piece to beginning but the key is celebrating small wins and having the endurance and perseverance to break through the downturns. Showing up for yourself every single day – that is what drives it home. Here is an excellent article by James Clear, author of Atomic Habits, where he discusses the significance of building mental toughness to achieve your goals in health, business and life. He states “Mental toughness isn’t about getting an incredible dose of inspiration or courage. It’s about building the daily habits that allow you to stick to a schedule and overcome challenges and distractions over and over and over again.”

I will leave you with an important reminder, in case you haven’t told yourself lately – you have what it takes to conquer whatever goal you set out for yourself! Don’t let another year go by without taking the time to consider what steps you need to take to build the habits that will make you successful. Take the time you need to make it happen, and don’t be afraid to ask for help along the way. I’m sure glad I did. Now I know how our clients feel, because Bob had my back on this one. He (and our team at BF) lives and breathes helping people achieve their goals – whatever the goal.

How can we help you?

At Bartley Financial, we care about way more than your finances. We care about the life you’re trying to live, finances are just a piece of that. Call us anytime if you need fresh ideas for your finances or help in achieving your goals. We’re happy to help!