So much going on socially. Let’s use this moment, the tragic killing of George Floyd, to transform our society so we all feel the great American experience equally. From what I have heard this week, it hit me that we desperately need to listen to each other to gain a true understanding of each of our experiences. They are not the same. 

There are multiple issues being addressed and highlighted, which is great. Again, let’s seize this opportunity to further the discussion and understanding so we can become a better society. We have done this since the inception of this great American experiment. Unfortunately, the issues that we are once again confronted with, have not been improved even close to what we want and need as a society. We are almost 30 years after Rodney King’s violent beating. We can and have to do much better. 

This first step in change is acknowledging there is a problem. We have done that, let’s not let this opportunity lapse like we have previously.

Each of us must be mindful not to fall back into our beliefs that are easy and comfortable to embrace and espouse. We are not going to make meaningful change unless we truly listen to each other with empathy, to understand our neighbors’ experience. It may be uncomfortable, change always is, but the reward can and will be transformational. 

As I noted above, there are multiple issues being addressed and highlighted. Let’s not conflate them. Let’s listen to each other and love each other so we can heal and make real changes. Let’s keep the dialogue open and the spotlight on these injustices. Let’s make this the time that we make meaningful change.

I implore my fellow citizens not to allow a few extremists, divisive politicians/politics or the media to dominate the discussion. Let our peaceful protests and person by person push for meaningful change rule the dialogue and the day. 

I, like many of us, love my fellow citizens and embrace our diversity. If one of our fellow citizens is hurting, I want to do what I can to be a part of the meaningful dialogue and change that improves our great society and brings us all closer together.

Let’s create/continue to foster a space that allows all of us to share our experiences freely. I believe that we will discover that our neighbor is far more understanding and empathetic than we thought.