Chloé Valdary Diversity Training Simon Sinek interview

I recently listened to Simon Sinek interview Chloé Valdary, an entrepreneur whose company, Theory of Enchantment, teaches diversity and inclusion.  Frankly, listening to this podcast felt like inhaling a deep breath of fresh air. 

Chloé’s teaching is that diversity and understanding our fellow human beings has to start by understanding our own self worth first. It also means that we have to remove politics from the equation, stop putting people in boxes and realize the full complexity of humanity.

Principles of the Theory of Enhancement

  • Treat people like human beings not political abstractions
  • Criticize to uplift and empower never to tear down or destroy
  • Try to rule everything you do through love and compassion

Simon Sinek also adds his own magic by reminding the listener how powerful it is to always show up like a student; be the example, do the work and don’t be afraid to be wrong. 

My hope is that we continue to learn from each other and people like Chloé Valdary and Simon Sinek so that ultimately we are part of the solution, not the problem. Future generations are counting on us.

-Bianca Roberts

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